Pod9.5 - FINDING YOUR 10

Hello fellow podcasters!

This week @POD9.5 we discuss Marketing.


  • audience

  • your intention

We found two pertinent pieces from Seth’s blog and a clip from an interview. Both enjoyable and insightful, as always!

  1. Seth’s blog - the Minimal Viable Audience
  1. Seth Godin - The secret to finding your audience

And these are some questions to get the conversation started:

  1. what are your 10 people telling themselves: about the world, themselves, others–focus on feelings

  2. what problem are you seeking to address with your podcast?

Plenty to think about!

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday after Interview Practice,


PS - And for those who missed last weeks, we had a most engaging conversation, led by Annie Parnell, who introduced us to a very useful structure for our interviews, based on Larry Brooks and his method of engineering a story. Borrowing from a writer’s perspective will be incredibly useful in building our storytelling skills.

Here is a copy, if you would like to review. I printed mine!


**PPS - We are meeting on Saturday, November 6 following Interview Practice.
Here is the link to our zoom meeting:


Zoinks! Thanks for such a detailed and helpful write up @Anna — THANK YOU :smiley:


THANKS @craig I just learned a new word! :rofl: It’s perfect for Anna’s comprehensive, inspiring, invitation!


@Anna - you just made the upcoming Saturday ZOOM absolutely UN-MISSABLE with this compelling invitation! Craig said it best!
:heart_eyes: Zoinks :heart_eyes:


@Anna What an awesome write-up. Such rich topics! These could take us through the end of the year!


Oh yes, this is a big one! I’m not sure if people have come across this, it was part of The Creatives Workshop and I believe big part of The Marketing Seminar. Definitely worth sharing!

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:joy: @maryjlrowe - glad the reactions also enrich our coolness vocabulary.
Thanks Shaggy! @craig


Tomorrow! Put your thinking hat on as we discuss the ways of finding our 10. Looking forward to learning from our experience.

If you have time, please see the blog post and the short clip of an interview with SG, as a good prompt to get our conversation started. BYOB as @AnnieP suggests (that’s B for Beverage).

:arrow_right: Link and clips at the top of this thread



@Anna yes, watched them :grin: GREAT stuff!

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I’m not sure I will be home in time for the call today. I will have Internet access, so at the very least, I can start the call and make Anna (or whomever) a host. That way you can use the Zoom room no matter what.


Oh - diving into the deep end! :flushed::joy:


@Anna Thank you for leading an amazing conversation. Feels like we’re starting to scratch the surface of what’s important to each of us :two_hearts:


I found Saturday’s Zoom meeting was the Very Thing I needed. Thank you for a great meeting! I learned so much and enjoyed meeting new podcast friends.

And thanks to @craig for helping get it launched while moving 88?! boxes of books. I have my own collection :books:

Thanks to @Jayne, @maryjlrowe, @Fred_Gutierrez
Christi Cassidy and @AnnieP.

PS - I can’t find Christi’s @ address to DM her as she mentioned yesterday.


Yes, that was a good subject to tackle and we will be going back in again to see if there are new thoughts, new aha moments! @Jayne
We are here to think about making our work and efforts worthwhile.

And thank you all - @Christy?, @Fred_Gutierrez, @Lovelace and @maryjlrowe for bringing such good projects to the table, open for discussion.

Thank you @AnnieP for partnering! And of course @craig! :raised_hands: for hosting, we shall do it again, next week :blush:


So glad this is building up nicely @Lovelace I was intrigued by your work. An author I like very much is Jhumpa Lahiri, who has introduced me to this particular cultural bridge . Have you interviewed her, by any chance?

See you next week!


Jhumpa Lahiri is on my list of authors to contact and request an interview. I have been a little reluctant (read: scared) to get in touch with her until I have a few more interviews/conversations published.

I wanted to establish credibility with my website and podcast before going after the top people on my radar.

Thank you for your thoughtful message.


@Lovelace - yes, I understand very well. Looking forward to listening!