POD10 Zoom Gathering


Hi POD10ers!

POD10 Zoom Gathering have begun. We’ll continue to schedule for 1hour on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month until…

If you have not joined POD10 please click this :arrow_right: @pod10 and then the +request button. This will bring you officially into the group.

OUR NEXT GATHERING - June 11, 2022 11:00AM Pacific Time, 2:00PM Eastern Time.2022-06-11T18:00:00Z

See you soon!


If you are using Google’s Calendar service, you can send an invitation to team@podcaster.community

Then anyone following the https://forum.podcaster.community/t/podcaster-community-calendar/123 will also see your POD10 gatherings.

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@craigconstantine Done, I think.

Message sent to team@podcaster.community from my google calendar.

I was looking for the community calendar via the hamburger menu seems you can find the calendar that way?

How do I follow [https://forum.podcaster.community/t/podcaster-community-calendar/123 ] ?

I’m sure it’s something simple. Brain re-wiring.

Thanks for looking over my shoulder - anytime!!!

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That topic explains how to use the calendar…

You can see a view of it (generated by google) embedded in the page. So you can check if an event you want to add (by inviting podcomm’s team@ email) has actually appeared.

You can add the PodComm google calendar to your google calendar…

And there’s an .ics link that will work in any calendaring software.

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Ohhhhh now I get it! I didn’t realize the embedded calendar was live. Thought it was an image.

Many thanks!


NEW FIRST MEETING - May 28th, 2022 11:00AM Pacific Time, 2:00PM Eastern Time.

Join Zoom Meeting

Zoom Video

See you soon!


AHHH, I can’t be on this weekend.

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Hi there, thanks for organizing this.
I’ll do my best to join you, I might not make it.
I’ll join the Sunday call for sure.
Take care

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@kbkaus Have a wonderful weekend. See you next time>

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@Lorraine Love to see you if you can make it. If not, next time!

Last Saturday’s small gathering, the first for this POD10 topic, reconnected me to the benefits of the Akimbo podcast community. @Jayne led off, and @Lorraine, Catherine Jaeger, @RobSlater and I co-created a fruitful conversation of where we are, where we are going, what help we need, and some of the excitement of the Carbon Almanac project. The prognosis is great for useful future meetings. To get the ball rolling, let’s post here at least once in the next two weeks. We also have the wider support riches on this platform to explore - Craig’s community here is quite helpful. Hope to see you at the next POD10 meeting - June 11th at 2ET, 11PT.


It is good to connect indeed.
Unfortunately the timing will probably make it difficult for me to join the calls on a regular basis (Saturday at 8pm in Paris). However just like I did during the workshop, I will join the conversations on this platform fairly often.


@pod10 @libba @Lorraine @CatherineJ @Rob Thank you once again for joining our first gathering call. And thank you Libba for the wonderful notes.

Here’s the audio and video from our zoom call.

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Thanks @Jayne and sorry I couldn’t make it to the first gathering. I’ll try and be at the next one on June 11th.

Well done for jumping through all those tech hoops!

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@CaroH We would love to see you at the next gathering. It’s such a wonderful group of supporting colleagues.

If you are looking for the Zoom link for the POD10 gathering –

here it is

Topic: Podcasters POD10 gathering
Time: Jun 11, 2022 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 457 737 4597

Still waiting to be let in. Has the POD10 Gathering started yet?


since you’re all replying, related to different meetings, in one topic (no reason you couldn’t start a fresh topic for each meeting)…

I’ve gone up and deleted Jayne’s Zoom URLs from the original post and replies.

Use the latest reply from Libba …

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Postponing the POD10 Gathering Calls!

So many of us are busy working through what endemic covid means; let’s regroup in late August or early September to determine if gathering calls make sense.

In the meantime, we can continue to support each other @POD10. Don’t forget to check in on the Public and Campfires groups with @craigconstantine. And drop in on the monthly forward podcasting calls with @steveh.

It’s a whirlwind of change! Be safe and stay as cool as possible during this current heat wave.

Jayne & Libba