My Podcast was featured on NPR

Super flattered and grateful I have found fans in high places. Me and my son were interviewed about our kid’s travel podcast, BunnAmigos.

Moe P


Congratulations @MoeP and Ezra! Wonderful work. “…don’t just jump into raw sushi” love that advice. Ezra is a star!

Say, can I ask a behind the scenes question? What kind of pre-interview things did WBUR do to make sure the recording went great? Did they send you a check list of stuff to make sure you did ?

Is there one insight or tip about how they ran the recording that was remarkable to you that you can share?

No problem if not. I loved both of your insights - thank you!


Yeah, Ezra is ‘aiiight’. The lead up was weird. Got the email request and phone call in early April/ late March. I picked up from the conversation the story wasn’t so much about me and my podcast, but a parent and child story, travel for kids and ‘a summer story.’ So I spent 2 months hoping it would actually happen, and 2 days before prepping my kid. They cut most of my stuff, kept most of his stuff, and it was explained to me by another journo friend that having a kid on air is ‘age diversity’ some outlets are looking for.
The prep we did was me asking him questions that might be asked, and the cute happenstance was I practiced the podcast origin story and when he got the question, he pretty much said what I had practiced.
I was just glad he didn’t get grouchy and complain about my parenting. LOL. He did a great job. For the record, his role in the podcast has grown as he’s proven an interest and aptitude. I did feel a way that the deal for promoting my pod involved pimping my kid. My consolation is this will become fodder for his college application down the road. LOL


Very cool. Thank you so much for sharing @MoeP . Really generous of you.

Really interesting how the production team had a clear vision of what they wanted to get out of your interview. Nothing wrong with that although it seems they could have done a better job informing you both of their plan.

I so hear that! I’ve an 11 year old (unpaid) production assistant and I’m hoping to train up his 7 year old brother as my new (unpaid) intern too. But seriously though getting the balance right about their involvement in the production is tricky and it sounds like you are navigating it well.

I guess our job is to let them try out as many things as possible and let them decide what sticks.

Thanks again for sharing. Really appreciate your insights. And again - great job :clap:

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I picked up on cues. I’m aware I don’t speak fluent journalist.

And yeah, I’m trying to run the podcast as a business, and I hope my kid wants to continue to be involved. It’s not promised.

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