Hi Jey…

HI JEY, I was trying to find you - can I bother you again about equipment? Which headphones do you love?
I have sensitive hearing and small ears :ear:t3: HA!
I do

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Hey @Laatflyingbra, great to hear from you and especially as you offer me the chance to spend your money again ! :grinning:

I love and recommend the Sony MDR 7506.

They come in at around $100. They are a little smaller, over the ears, than comparable pro headphones.

If that’s beyond your budget then the good news is that any closed back, wired headphones from Audio Technica, Sennheiser, AKG, Philips, Shure, or Sony between the $50-$100 range will be a great all rounder for recording and editing your podcast.

Avoid headphones aimed at DJ’s or advertised with Bass Boost because they amplify the bass range and you want a neutral sound so you can identify any defects.

Avoid noise cancellation for similar reasons.

Wired is better for podcasters than wireless or Bluetooth.

Closed back is better than open back to prevent sound leaking from your “cans” when recording.

Hopefully other folks will share some more recommendations.

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Thank you Jey! I know you have mentioned many good headphones here…what do you think about the RODE NTH100?
Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 8.32.51 AM

I went with your suggestion on a RODE Mic - I like to stick with the same brands to work together .

Thank you so much :pray:
You Rock.
I’m a certified creative coach - If you ever need any help with the creative realm - I’d be happy to offer any help.


Yeah, go for it @Laatflyingbra as from what I’ve seen on Youtube reviews (yes I’m one of those sad people who can’t get enough of them!) they are great headphones and perfect for podcasting.

And despite the over $100 price tag, they are pretty good value for money. e.g. The earpads and cables are replaceable - these are the first things that wear out or break. I demand this at this sort of price point.

Lots of other features too that show Rode really thought about creators like us. e.g. you can switch the wire from the left cup to the right cup to match your set up.

Lots to love.

I was going to recommend it to you as an option in my previous post but I didn’t because I don’t know how big it is. But yes it should be a solid option that will last for years (crossing fingers).

I don’t think there will be much integration with the Rode software or hardware you already have if you are using it as a headphone - so I don’t think that’s a factor. You can only exploit the Rode software if the headphones are connecting via USB, which they are not.

But still, I’d love to own a set of these!

Hey thanks for the coaching offer! I might take you up on that! Have fun making your show and do share a link if you haven’t already. Love to listen.


JEY! You ROCK!~ Thank you so much for all this support and detail.
Thank you for your interest in my upcoming show- MUCH APPRECIATED!