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A close friend recently passed away. He was loved by many. No-one, friends, family or colleagues saw the signs so when he took his own life it was a shock to all.

I’d like to collect some of his many friends telling their best stories about him for his kids to listen to in the future. I want them to have good memories of him.

I want it to be as light touch as possible.

It made me think, this is similar to shows requesting listener submissions.

What would you recommend please?

Something like recording a voice memo on a smart phone and then sending it to?

  • emailing it across?
  • Uploading it to dropbox? (I fear this would defeat a few people)

Has anyone used SpeakPipe?

Are there other options out there I am just not aware of?

thank you in advance.


My chosen solution would depend on how long I wanted to collect the snips. I’d just do little Zoom calls with people. That way I’d have a chance to help them w tech, coach them or get them talking if needed. If you set up some self-serve thing, like Speak Pipe (@steveh uses that I think?) people are going to be all over the place with audio quality.

If you have/expect like a hundred of them, thenI’d set up and connect it to my Zoom account. Set available hours to times I can manage in my personal life. Then people can self-serve into my schedule and it creates a scheduled zoom call, emails them the info, etc.

The problem with going full-on (or other higher quality recording platform) is that random people aren’t going to have good audio gear.

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I just don’t have the time.

I think I am ok with this. When people send me voice memos on WhatsApp and by email from their phones they have often listened back, recorded it a second time. It’s always been surprisingly not-horrible. :wink:

I was more after a method of collating them without having to do anything personally. Maybe just an email to me and then I save to a Dropbox Folder would be ok. I was trying to automate this step.

Maybe i have spent longer thinking about how to automate this step than I would have spent doing it manually by the time it is over… Probably a meme on the internet for this. :wink:

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Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.

I use SpeakPipe which is pretty decent, quality with small files and easy to redo - 90 sec clips with the free account.

There seems to be some resistance from some people to use it but it is probably the ‘record’ button.

If you put all the files in a Dropbox folder which you then shared with people, they would see all the clips and could browse as they wanted.

Hope you find something that works for you @BrianCumming

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I’ve moved it out here to #public where more people are likely to see it.

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