Launching a Book Club - starting with The Practice by Seth Godin

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How does this Book Club Work? It’s SIMPLE

  1. Start reading The Practice. Start NOW! When you are inspired to post, respond to another’s Topic or start a Topic of your own and be sure to include @ideaclub in your post.

  2. Schedule time for a 30 minute ZOOM on the FIRST Tuesday of every month, 3 pm Eastern US. A Link and Calendar to come. YES, 1st meeting is in NINE Days.

  3. ZOOM Meeting Format!

  • Short welcome! Presenter is introduced.
  • 5 minute presentation on application, experience, or ah-ha.
  • 10 minute breakout sessions.
  • 5 minute wrap-up. Share insights & select next month’s presenter.
  1. Annie Parnell is our First Presenter.

  2. Some sourcing suggestions for The Practice by Seth Godin


There’s a recurring event in the PodComm calendar for supporting members ( )

If you locate that existing event (in your ) and edit it, podcomm’s calendar will auto-update along with you.

let me know if you want to hop on a zoom to futz with calendaring :slight_smile:



There’s some confusion — not in Mary’s post above, but in other places I’m seeing — about whether this Book Club is a “PodComm thing” or a “PodComm Supporting Members thing”.

This ideas from Mary and Annie is open to whomever they want it to be. If you want to participate, click @ideaclub and then click the Request button. (Requests go to Mary and Annie. :)

We’re all just using the PodComm platform here because it’s handy. I believe Annie and Mary are planning to do all the posting in the Public category (meaning anyone can read/reply/engage). And I think Mary will be the Zoom host.


YES! All correct as clarified by @Craig! EVERYONE is invited and welcome!


I love your artwork!!


@Lovelace - thank you!

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