It's coming NEXT TUESDAY 4/4/2023 - IDEA CLUB #3

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More details on the way but for NOW,


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Hey - my turn to host!!

Presenter: (conversation starter) - Catherine Jaeger

Topic: Three’s a crowd - or is it? Hosting and guesting with 3

Why: Why not consider an episode or series with 3 on a podcast? Many shows use a format of a single host with 2 guests or 2 hosts with a single guest. Let’s break this open and discuss the mechanics and magic of when this works and when doesn’t work. Have you done this? Would you consider making it a threesome?

Personally: I’ve done a threesome (all three of us know each other well) and have considered co-hosting a series. I was part of a spontaneous threesome experiment during the podcast interview practice group (spoiler: it didn’t go well). I have fun listening to podcasts to sense what’s working and what’s now… and now I invite you to join me on this journey!

For extra credit, here are some example threesome shows that we could reflect on:

  1. Brene Brown has a podcast roundtable with Tim Ferris and Dax Shepard (she calls it s roundtable - I like that!)
  1. Webinar conversation hosted by Steve Morris with Gay Hendricks and Chip Conley (youtube recording)
  1. Brave New Work co-hosts Aaron Dignan and Rodney Evans (they work together at The Ready and therefore know each other VERY well) interview a guest.

@CatherineJ - Oh this sounds really REALLY useful, interesting and fun. Can’t wait Catherine!

I am attempting to get back involved in this wonderful group. How do I tune into this discussion Threes a crowd?


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@clevpt - Good news Carole, you are already a member of the The Idea Club (initially built as a Book Club around a book by Seth Godin called The Practice.

This means you’ll receive all meeting notices (possibly via supports AND the Idea Club.

Watch for an upcoming notice or two alerting you to our meeting this coming Tuesday, 4/4/2023 at 2023-04-04T19:00:00Z2023-04-04T19:30:00Z
All you do is click this ZOOM Link and you will be IN!

Thanks so much for asking and we would all be thrilled if you joined us. Notice, the Club meets for ONLY 30 minutes! @CatherineJ has an excellent topic prepared to help us cultivate great IDEAS!