Is anyone using Acuity scheduling?

Anyone using it for managing multiple different types of events?

I have different things that I need to schedule, but I need the emails that get sent to come from different email addresses. So things for this community, But for other projects, I need to route the email to other addresses…

Calendly cannot do this. (It took me multiple emails to even explain what this would be for.)

Acuity support says I can configure Reply-To (which isn’t as good as configuring the From address—but I understand why they support Reply-To.)

Anyway, anyone have a really complicated Acuity setup going?


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I use AcruityScheduler and if you want to experiment on “my” platform you’re welcome to give it a try.
I only use one email the automationbots send from and have no idea IF/how they suggest setting that up but since I dont know what its for I dont know IF I would want to setup it that way depending on different teams or same teams etc.

a workaround, that might not be interesting is

both Acruity and Calendarly check availability to a calendar, I believe I would use two separate Acruity Scheduler account who validate using the same calendar and you are set.

That means Team/purpose 1 and team 2 are independent only the shared resource connects them.

Again let us know more what this is for and I might change my mind. The obvious downside to “my” solution is multiple yearly license costs.
(Calendarly has a free option though I believe?)

disable built-in auto-emails and use Zapier, Converkit or any other auto-emailer to auto-inform on booking, email calendar-invite/include reschedule links etc.

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I’m using Squarespace’s version of Acuity to do the following:

  1. Schedule podcast interviews
  2. Schedule sessions for coaching clients
  3. Schedule pre-interview conversations for potential podcast guests
  4. Schedule consultation calls
  5. Schedule ‘catch up’ calls.

I have different availability, email templates, etc. for each of these.

Takes a little setup, but it can manage a fair bit of complexity, IME.


…but all the email is sends, it comes from your one email address?

I need some email to be sent from my personal email address, but 2 other cases where, when people hit reply to a Calendly or Acuity w/e message, there are other people using a team email system with me.

According to Acuity support, their system can set the Reply-To address as a customization of each event type. Calendly cannot do that.


I know Calendly can sync with Google Calendar. But I don’t think, if I go into GCal and add an event… that Calendly would schedule around that… maybe I’m wrong?

Still doesn’t work for me though…

Movers Mindset, Craig’s personal calendar, Podcaster Community… these have to be seperate callendars — my cal is all in apple-land, the other two have their own Google accounts with calendars.

This is one of those cases where I just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ … what I want is complicated.

update: @ric, you are right. I dug into Calendly more, and figured out how to make it check a calendar for conflicts. I had only connected it to one calendar. It seems like I should be able to make another, completely separate Calendly account, and then set both my Calendly accounts to check the others’ corresponding Google Calendar.



Im sorry I dont know Calendly, I just assumed and thought so. I would NOT like being forced to block of appointless time - that doesnt seem to be proactivly.

Im just sharing guess-works below so please feel free to ignore
Ive been using Acruity for years. Steve is right that they have been bought by Squarspace so I might have a pre-version I dont know.

In acruity if you all synced to the same calendar that would work.
I use a Google Apps calendar for all my 9 different appointment types. Since I’m just a simple normal dude with same amount of hours as everyone else.
I know you can use Teams for Acruity thus having different calendars for each individual and different resource like rooms but I havent used it.
I have heard many friends say this works great. Im sure they all use the same “umbrella autosend email” though.

For another “workaround”
and I guess I could auto-synk the relevant “posts” in different calendar fo/from other calendars rather easy and setup an engine to autosend from each “calendar type” but sounds like custom work to me and not what you are after.

I believe Acruity can poll/send to multiple/different calendars but I have never set that up myself.

I would start by checking if you could autosync your personal Apple calendar to personal google calendar and from there do a view where everyone involved can see a combined view of the relevant parts.
In google calendar you can have multiple calendars in one calendar so you four would only share what was relevant and then combine those on top of the one “purposeful” calendar.
I know nothing out of the box for that.

I dont know if this helps, you might find it unrelated to your question.
I also have my autobot send from Calendar@ to keep it separate from my personal email.
I dont want an e-mail from them for half of the most likely interactions.
I’m using and Kanban and processes instead of e-mail as much as possible. E-mail is inviting cost of delay and so many unnecessary time-wasters and costly context switching

You dont want them to email you, you want them to click a link and reschedule without asking you etc… so you have time for that un-usual question they DO want to ask you.


LOL - sorry I missed your update as I was writing

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I haven’t tried to have it come from different ones, so I don’t know for sure, though there’s not an obvious place to adjust this from a quick look. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, as I’ve found it plenty customizable so far.

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