The Creative Playground Podcast is Live!

The Creative Playground is a podcast hosted by me, Terry Price, writer, photographer, and creative coach, as we talk about reclaiming your creative spark and ways to manifest it in your daily life. The Creative Playground is an upbeat and fun place with ideas, interviews, and information, to encourage your inner child to come out and play.

We’re here for those searching for something they’ve left behind, or long to discover talents and find fresh ways to share them with the world. If this sounds like you, join us at The Creative Playground!

We’re hosted on and available on the major podcast sites.

Here is the trailer and the initial episode is live and can be found at the link above.


wow. I :heart: that image :astonished:


Thanks, Craig! I was trying to find something appropriate but recognizable in small formats! I am grateful for the affirmation!

Latest episode of The Creative Playground is up! Join us this episode of The Creative Playground as we find some creative direction from your homework from episode 101, visit love as a radical act of creativity, and have a chat with documentary photographer, photojournalist, and bon vivant, David Robert Farmerie, about cameras, commonality, and creativity!

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Happy Independence Day, all! I will be scriptwriting today and some tomorrow. I wish you all in the States a lovely holiday and all a lovely and peaceful Sunday.

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@craig @steveh
I have a hard time with self promotion but Rode, the audio equipment company, is having a competition for two minute mini-episodes of podcasts. I uploaded my trailer and it’s in the running. The voting ends tomorrow, July 7th. If you are inclined, here is the link!

The Creative Playground | My RØDE Cast | RØDE Microphones =

Kind thanks, all! Best, Terry

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Nice trailer!

Voted. :smiley:

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My trailer won the My Røde Cast “Highly Commended Award” and I’ll be receiving four Røde microphones as the prize. There were over 2000 world wide entries and mine finished in the top 100! This the affirmation I needed. Kind thanks, @craig , @steveh , and all!

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This is beautiful @Storyteller7!

How do you like what are the pros and cons?


Thank you so much, Nadine! Like most of us, I’m a newbie so I’m not experienced enough to do comparing. For me, was easy to set up. It’s easy to use and they automatically had the podcast available on other service platforms like Apple, Spotify, Google, etc. I think I’m up to six now. It is a free service and I’ve had no problems. I will be monitoring things just in case something changes. For me, at this stage, it’s really been great. Thank you again!