Hello! I'm Kate

I’m Kate - and I’m here because I have gained so much value out of the podcast community through POD/TPF courses already. I believe that this community will be able to meet my needs and I hope my experience will be able to benefit others’ more.

I have a podcast called The Curious Farmer. My audience is like a bullseye of concentric circles. In the centre, farmers who are interested in regenerative/sustainable/carbon farming. Next ring out are people who are interested in gardening and supporting farmers with these sorts of techniques, next ring out are the people who are interested in food production and eating fabulous food, with human health in mind, last ring belongs to anyone who eats and thinks about where their food comes from. My guests are farmers, gardeners, scientists, chefs, school kitchen project managers and more.

I am based in Australia (in Tasmania) and would love to collaborate with more people in Australia who are involved in podcasting here, to build our own support network (in our daylight hours!).

I have many fingers in many pies, so dip in and out a bit, depending on where my attention is required, but I am alway still here. :slight_smile:


Hi Kate
I think we had a chat in a breakout room last year on the Podcasters call. It was the first one I joined and it was great to chat with you. I think you mentioned you are GP as well.
Best wishes


Hi Rob - thank you for your message! Not a GP - and Emergency Specialist - which I think is far more luxurious (easier to be in ER than private practice in Australia) - I get all the services in real time, without delays!

Yep - life is busy (have an almost 5 and almost 7 yo at home too), but I am determine to live it completely! You never know when it might be snatched away…

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Hi Kate,
I thunk wrong! Sorry.
We have three boys and even tho’ one is away at Uni, he still manages to keep us busy!
We savour the times when we are all together again, they grow up so fast!


Ha! I am impressed you even remembered, given that I tend to compartmentalise my life roles so much!

I’m grappling with the way the years seems to be moving so quickly - the kids have birthdays coming up - 5 next week and 7 in about 7 weeks. Now they’re both at school, the weekends come and go so quickly (although the almost-5 yo’s weekends are 4 days long). I’m still trying to figure out how to do this parenting thing, but they keep growing and changing so fast that I feel like I can’t keep up! I just want time to stop a bit so we can just luxuriate in it.

They’ve both grown 2 inches in 3 months. :astonished: No wonder they’re so tired!

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hi @katefield …how appropriate that someone with the last name Field …would have a farming podcast…I have been very curious about that topic myself

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Hi @JustJamie! Didn’t start off as a farmer, but became one about 10 years ago. Love farming. Enriching soil enriches our souls. Why are you interested in farming?

I am in a band and we practice on a farm…my friend who started the band owns it. He is doing trees and preparing to do garlic.

I am intrigued and wanting to buy land and explore this as well…I am an unlikely farmer…BUT it might be in my future.

Sounds like you’ve cracked it!

Ours wander into kitchen and make a large bowl of tortelloni or a large chip baguette, when I am making the evening meal. They still eat the whole evening meal. :joy:

I have just opened this thread up and see that I wrote the above but omitted to press reply, but the message was typed out waiting to send, hence the ridiculously late response!!! Sorry.

Click!! go the puzzle pieces. That’s a really helpful visualization. Thank you for sharing that!