Hello, I am Kathy

Finally got around to joining. I am a geriatric nurse with over 10 years helping seniors age in place. My goal is to provide information for the older person’s caregivers as roles change. I graduated POD6 and have been podcasting over a year with 52 episodes. Looking forward to this community.


@KatCocks wonderful info you are spreading! WOW - close to my heart - and life stage actually! Glad you “got around” to joining!

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Wow, @KatCocks nice to meet you and welcome to the community
AnnieP (she/her)

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hello Kathy
It is wonderful to have you in the Podcasters Community. There are a lot of great people here. Looking forward learning about your work.

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I guess i should have given the name of my podcast Knowledge for Caregivers.Knowledge for Caregivers

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This is a very practical and helpful podcast. I know people who would benefit from thus.

I like the length of your shows. I have a totally different niche but seeing how you are doing these is helpful.

Thanks for sharing the link!

…as a Supporting Member, you can also post your show in #podcasts :slight_smile:

Thanks I have been trying to figure it how to post,

click this → #supporters-podcasts then this…