Greetings from Colorado!

My name is Annie Parnell and I recently completed POD9. My podcast is called “Have I Got a Tale to Tell”. It is author on mic because I am an indie author of historical romantic suspense. This whole podcasting business got started because one of my readers wanted to listen to my books—the bottom line is professionally produced audiobooks are beyond my budget so here I am. I am having a great time messing around with foley and pretending I am on book tour.


Welcome @annieP. Suggest you put a link to your podcast when you introduce yourself. I searched for it in my player and couldn’t find it. Mine is


Thank you @DannyvLHealthHats for the excellent suggestion
Mine is not published yet. I’m targeting mid December 2021 for chapter one to drop and will supply link at that time AP


are you planning to record your own books?

I need to do that myself. I did the 1st two chapters of my 2nd book…I need to complete what I started.

how are yours coming?

Yes, @JustJamie
That is exactly what I’m doing. I write historical romantic suspense and I am about 12 minutes into chapter 4 of my book “The Reluctant Countess “.

What do you write?
AnnieP (she/her)


1st book was going to be a non-fiction biz/sales book but ended up more self help memoir…needed work. Ebook only on Amazon “The Dumb Blonde Approach”

2nd book was going to be non-fiction about productivity…ended up self-help fiction…one reader said it was better than Big Magic. Ebook and Print on Amazon…my number one fan sells them at her shop here in my town “Productivity Wisdom”

3rd book…in process, 14 chapters… fiction about wrestling your inner demons…a bit twilight zoney. “The Should Dragon”

4th book…in process, 3 chapters…fiction about people damaged by religion. “Jesus Shit”

Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Historical Series… incubating…multiple character sketches and storylines. “The History of the Ezers” (what I am most passionate about but I want to get better at writing)

I also write songs for the rock band “Myth”, I am the singer.

I wish I could make money working from home so I could stay focused on my creative pursuits using my pen and my mic.

What a brilliant way to offer your readers a chance to listen to your books without breaking the bank recording an audiobook.


Thank you, @Arianaf !
What is your podcast about?
AnnieP (she/her) 🥸


@AnnieP - my Podcast is called Co-Creators in Conversation, I celebrate leaders who are challenging the status quo and creating economic value by caring about people. It’s currently available on YouTube and my website.

I too am located in Colorado!!


No kidding? @Arianaf , where do you live?