Gauging a community's health

Today I had a conversation with a colleague who wants to explore the notion of gauging a community’s health*.

If you have experience with this concept and are willing to speak with someone about it, let me know and I will respond to you via a direct message with the contact information and you can, of course, then decide if you want to connect and have a discussion. I am floating this request to this group because there is such a wide range of experiences and expertise here, all under the umbrella of generosity and curiosity.

*As I understand it, a conversation is being sought about how a community leader assesses the value of the connections and networking that occur inside the community, the “spread” of the community’s reach or "stickiness, etc.


@David3560 - It seems you are reaching out on behalf of your colleague, which is admirable. Soooo many questions. My experience might be somewhat related. You may send the info, and we will find out.



I don’t know if this is exactly what you are looking for, but I have been having calls with two urban planners recently, and each is interested in how we develop healthy communities as we redesign cities.

If that is of value, their names are Fei-Ling Tseng @feeei and Melissa Menke @melissa_menke and each has a newsletter and shares on Twitter.


@David3560, I have some experience in this approach.


@David3560 I’d be interested in having an initial conversation about this topic to see where your friend is going with it and to see if my experience would be a fit
AnnieP (she/her)