From PC to MAC

I am thinking on buying an air mac but, until now I have been using pc.
So my question is will I be able to use audible as I do now? Or do I need to use sth different?
Or maybe you would propose sth that works better in MAC?

My first time with MAC and really anxious… LOL


Macs are wonderful @artemisgavriilidou but they are slightly different.

You mentioned Audible but am guessing Audacity? Both will work on a Mac but you will have to install the software.

Audacity download here -

And check out the manual about adding in the library for export/import of extra files, including audio files from Zoom

other things

The Macbook Air has fewer ports to plug things in, so you will probably need adapter dongles to plug in USB items, like a mic or audio interface if they are the older style

Hope that helps - should be nice and you will grow to love it really quickly I am sure


PS @DannyvLHealthHats made the switch to Macs a while back


Yes @artemisgavriilidou I made the switch from PC to MacPro. I use Audacity. The switch was easy. My suggestion would be to stay a week with both as you make the switch. If you find yourself getting irritated and impatient, with the mac, go back to the pc. I found that the mac doesn’t have Microsoft Publisher as an option, so periodically I go back to the PC for that. It’s where I make the thank you notes for my guests


:thinking: I wonder if Apple’s “Pages” application could open your MS Publisher documents?

…try moving one to the Mac, and right-click-open-with… and see if Pages is a suggestion. The application will be totally different to use, I’m sure. But at least it would give you a migration path.

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Would I sound too stupid to say that I have never used Mc Publisher?
Where do you use it? haha

Danny mentioned he uses it to “make thank you notes” for his guests.

Macs are so easy to use and learn. What is audible? I used audacity at first, but now use Hindenburg for editing.

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Like @steveh, I’m guessing you meant Audacity, the audio editing software, not Audible, the audiobook service. That said, both will do fine on a MacBook Air.

What equipment have you had connected to your Windows system? Also like Steve, I’m thinking the limited expansion ports (and different plug type) may require some adapters or other gear, so if you tell us more about what all you’re using we may be able to help with that.

Personally, I much prefer the Mac over PC. (And I felt like a “Windows Person” forever.) Funny, feels like we do hear of people switching from PC to Mac, but never the reverse.

So did you end up making the switch? If so, how’s it been for you?

I bought it yesterday!!! On weekend I am going to see what Mac looks like!!!


Enjoy - I still remember all the wonderful revelations of getting to know my first Mac

Congratulations @artemisgavriilidou !!! The super, super special thing about the Macbook Air is that it doesn’t have a fan inside. So it’s perfect for recording in a closet/soundbooth because the fan won’t create background noise - because there isn’t a fan!

It’s perfect for podcasting in so many other ways too, so great choice. Have fun!