I am interested in people’s processes.

Mine has changed as time has gone on and I am doing some work to develop this further but wonder how others have changed there’s and why.

For ages now, I tend to start thinking about an idea on Sunday but sometimes it takes until Wednesday to get anything. Later than that and I am starting to panic. I write a basic run through of the idea but one that I can speak about extemporaneously as needed. By Friday morning I need to tidy things up.

Friday afternoon, I find the space and need to record. Normally the venue has been our living room which has soft furnishings but I am now starting to record in our loft, where I have placed square segments of sponge on the walls. I have my windshield up there and the mic is linked up to my Mix Pre Interface. The interface has been a useful tool in that the range is massive and as long as I have the mic in the right place, I can settle the sound in post production. The problem with any new recording area is that there are always unexpected sounds, like rain coming down on the velux windows in the loft which does not happen at ground level, or a beeping computer in another room that I had never heard before trying to record in the new space, but was of course, always an issue.

I still find editing strangely therapeutic. I drop the sound from the Mix Pre 6 into Audacity, (although I have now just bought Hindenburg and will need to experiment with that). I do spend more time zooming in on sections where I have messed up, so that I can get rid of sounds. I am a lot more likely to experiment with tools in the software that I have not experimented with before. One recent one was that I had to record in our snug in Cornwall last week and found an electronic buzz that is not audible to me but really sounded loud on the audio. Noise reduction got rid of it really well.

I am putting my pieces through Auphonic now, which certainly helps me and definitely levels things where I have added separate music audio.

If anyone has any tips on engaging with Hindeburg would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @Rob
I think you’re probably light years ahead of me - certainly with regard to the number of episodes you shipped. :raised_hands:t3: Well done!

I found Hindenberg easier to use than Audacity and some of the features are excellent. For example, being able to store your Intro (unless it changes every time) and outro. You don’t have to keep finding either/storing them in a file as we did in audacity. The editing process is simply more streamlined, and if you have plug-ins (like Izotope), you can use those.

I need to learn more about your noise reduction (was it in Audacity or another tool)? By the way, what it a snug? I love Cornwall and want to return for a stay of 3-4 months. It’s so beautiful!

Take care!


@Rob - This was very interesting to me and when I HAVE a process - will share it. So far only 3 weekly episodes up and I’m still scrambling to accomplish that. BUT - I WAS wondering - how the hecky other people fit this into their lives - so your message was both welcome and timely.


I have got so used to being able to just press z & c and x and all the other features, I haven’t tried figuring out the Hindenburg versions yet.
The intro and outro storage sounds useful, as I drop them in from Dropbox at the moment.

I used Audacity for noise reduction. You just select an area of sound without any speech but the noise you want to get rid of and click effects, noise reduction. You then click “Get Noise Profile”. You can then select the whole audio and go into noise reduction again and click on noise reduction and the background noise is gone. You do have to put some numbers into the boxes but if you follow the Audacity help guide it has an example of which numbers you can put in to start with and they usually work.

Our snug is a room at the back of the house which has a television, books, puzzles and gaming gear for the kids, with furry rugs. We cozy up in there, especially when the weather is bad!


In the first few episodes I did find it tricky fitting things in. Now I know when I want to have achieved things by, it is easier to push myself. This week is going to be difficult because I am working 9 to 8, then tomorrow will be at work in the morning, on a workshop in the afternoon and then travelling down to Bristol to teach for the rest of the week. This teaching is fairly full on with little opportunity to get away, so it may be record, edit and publish on Saturday morning this week but that is only something I have done once before.
Cheers @maryjlrowe


I have been experimenting with both Reaper and Hindeberg - I like both for different reasons. I still play with Audacity for the POD workshops (new version now out and has some interesting new bits (thanks for the heads-up @Jayne ) adjustment needed.

Hindenburg I use for producing Pod Buffet and it is quick and easy. My own podcast is a bit more complicated and I tend to use Reaper - it is all to do with familiarity.

Hindenburg has a lot of keyboard shortcuts - more than seem available via the menus, so check out Hindenburg | Shortcuts for inspiration. Also, the short support guides on the Hindenburg site for each function are really useful + there are a collection of youtube videos that will walk you through as an intro to Hindenburg - they are not too long and mostly look at one thing so are useful.

Mostly it is doing it - learn how to select everything from one clip to the end to reposition if you add an intro.

Shout out if you have a specific question - I may have stumbled into it too


Thanks @steveh
Quite a few people say it is quick.
Thanks for the link to the short cuts.
I just need to make time to look at the you tubes and start experimenting.
As you say, doing it makes a lot of sense.

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