Anybody use accusonus/ERAbundle?

Greetings, fellow podcasters! :studio_microphone:

I use an accusonus ERAbundle Audacity plugin for getting rid of plosives and sssssses and other little bits.

According to an email today from accusonus, they’ve joined Meta and the ERAbundle will be unsupported in about a year.

I’ll need to migrate to something else and I’m wondering, what do you use for fine audio edits?

Thanks for your help!


Hi @JuleKucera,

This may not be at all helpful but I use Hindenburg for editing. I find the DAW easier to use than Audacity although Audacity may offer more options for fine tuning.

I added a plug-in from (-iZotope, I think. It was a $49 special…not studio quality but helpful.) @steveh alerted the group in one of my earlier podcast workshops about a sale.

And Hindenburg has a couple of built-in features. I think there’s a de-esser. I’m probably not taking advantage of all the features, cause I’m still learning things about it.

:crossed_fingers: :four_leaf_clover: good luck with


I do author on mic, @JuleKucera so audacity is good for me. I’d check in with Craig, SteveH and Jey, they are always excellente in the tech support realm.

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The industry standard for repairing audio is RX9 by Izotope. As you would expect more expensive and more complicated but when you learn to use it very accomplished. Different levels and regular deals.

RX as well as having a collection of plugins that work alarmist everywhere, has a stand alone app that will scan and make recommendations and keep your fix one click. Works pretty well from my experience, though I sometimes like to tweak slightly but that is probably more to do with my control-freak tendencies :wink:

@GermanWithNicole is a fan - anything to add Nicole?

I use both RX and Accusonus Era


@Lovelace thank you for letting me know what you use. I’ve heard about Hindenberg but have never looked into it (after climbing the Audacity learning curve I figured I’d stay put). And I’ve never heard of Izotope–interesting that you and Steve both use that.

@AnnieP–nice to ‘meet’ you and thanks for the well wishes! Side note: I used to work with Ann Purcell who has brown curly hair and red glasses–it would be fun for the two of you to meet!

@Steveh Say what–it scans and makes recommendations?! Thanks for the detail and I’m headed over to check it out. As for the ‘control-freak tendencies’, I can relate :blush:


Haha, @JuleKucera
Gotta love a woman with red or bright pink glasses!



Only really one thing to add, I started recording directly (with my Shure mic, which does most everything for me) into RX8 and it’s a significantly nicer sound than with Audacity.

There is a way to switch the view of the single track in Audacity, too, so you can view the L/R channels as one audio picture, and it’s as easy to edit as it is in Audacity. I basically now only use Audacity for compiling the podcast parts - intro/intro music/main audio/outro.

Also, I sing, so when I sing into my mic in Audacity it blows out the mic. Stupid. So I sing directly into RX8 and it’s faaaaaaaaantastic. Later this year I’m going to add music to more of my German-learning program (folk songs = no copyright issues) and I’m going to record it all in RX8.

Tks for the tag-in, @steveh


I feel your pain @JuleKucera. Bottom line is there is nothing out there as painless as Accusonus. I relied on them heavily too.

The izotope RX Standard app is the next best alternative. Truth be told it is better that Accusonus however it requires more input/calibration from us as the producer. And it’s EXPENSIVE, requires investing in a new learning curve. and a little more work that the one dial solution that Accusonus gave is.

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Oh, @Jey Sometimes the truth hurts but I’d rather have the truth than not. Thank you so much. :pray:

It will still be around for a while yet and not actually disappearing but just fading out without support. We can carry on using it until we can’t.

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