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For the Movers Mindset podcast I recently decided to change the per-episode artwork. Previously, there were two different styles: One that was simply graphics, and the other was a more complicated image-with-graphics.

MM’s Instagram is probably the easiest place to see the two side by side, https://www.instagram.com/moversmindset/

The challenge has always been that people do not like to have their picture taken. And getting imagery from them, after a recording, slows the process down. Often, guests simply stop responding— sometimes we spend years trying to open communications with a guest, leading up to an interview. Literally any step that requires them to do anything can sabotage the episode ever getting published. To be clear: I’m not criticizing, I’m pointing out that I wanted a way to do great episode artwork without burdening the guests.

That’s why the short format episodes were just a graphic that I can bang out in seconds. And that’s why PodComm’s show just has graphics, #listen

But for the most recent MM episode, I’ve found an easy way to cartoon-ify photographs. This makes it possible to take a screenshot during an online recording session and get something quite usable—even when people are in non-photogenic spaces.


Craig, big difference between the text only and a innovative solution.

I did some work with Nielsen where people wore a skull cap with electrodes so their brain activity could be measured based on what they saw. It was a way to A/B test advertising. Nothing elicited more brain activity/engagement than a human face. Animals faces were second. And among human faces, baby faces ranked #1.


LOL let’s all send out baby pictures whenever a headshot is requested! :grimacing:


I’m thinking of telling guests I’ll cartoont-ify a screenshot from the interview. I like the idea of cartoon-ifying because it gives cohesion to the graphics. Plus it covers up low-quality source images (like screenshots).

Tim Ferris cartoon-ifies his episode art using a designer from 99 Designs but I’m pretty sure they are one of his sponsors.


Smiled my way all through reading this - so enjoyable. Fantastic solution! Terrific example in Christian Anderson. Still grinning! :star_struck:


Oh @craigconstantine!! This resonates with me since I have been invited to be a guest on a podcast in October and the hosts are all over me like a pigeon on popcorn to send a headshot. I explained b4 July 4th that I was lining up a photo shoot and would send a headshot as soon as that was finished. Persistence turns into annoying at some point. If I didn’t think the guest appearance would be beneficial, I’d drop out politely.

However, I see people respond to my social media posts with photos in greater numbers and with more comments than a text post. I need to get’er done. :wink:


priceless !!!


Interesting idea, @craigconstantine, with lots of possibilities! I need to reconsider this for social media work, as I try to ramp up my post-production efforts in that area. Thanks for posting this.

Here is a collection of a few images, created in literally less than three minutes, with various filters and frames applied to an original photo. These were generated on an iPhone, with an app called Prisma, and every tool I used is in the free version. Combining Primsa-generated graphics with the native photo editing app (done in either direction - that is, do one first and then the other, or vice-versa) can create some very intriguing images. You can even run the newly created images back through a second round of Prisma work and/or native iOS photo editor for some additional creativity.

Look for this if you visit the app store.

All just FYI if anyone wants to check out this tool.
Note 1: The dog is Theodore, from our son’s and daughter-in-law’s home.
Note 2: Iliana Isaiolovic is featured in the headshot images. She was a gracious and great podcast guest when I had less than ten episodes under my belt.


Thanks so much @David3560, this is great!! :pray:


These are really cool.



David, these are great! Thank you :pray:t3:

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