Apple Podcast episode-specific cover art

This may have something to do with the difficulties Apple has been experiencing recently, but I’m not sure.

Inspired by David Nebinski’s guest image podcast episode cover art (Portfolio Career podcast), I finally learned how to create such images. (One example, containing four covers, follow a few David Nebinski samples below).

I use Simplecast as my podcast hosting service and these new images appear as intended on that site. On Apple Podcasts, though, the episode-specific art is not visible, and it defaults to the standard Lead. Learn. Change. cover art (final image below) for every episode. I cannot figure out why this happens or how to fix it.

Suggestions are welcome.


Great share David!

My recollection is that Apple doesn’t use our episode-specific artwork. I thought I read that in Podnews… but I couldn’t find the article. Sites do use the artwork though… does for example.

Movers Mindset started doing per-episode artwork at ep100, and I love how it looks.


I can see this episode specific artwork on my laptop but not on the app on my phone (I have a PC and an iphone - don’t ask).

However David’s, yours and my episode specific artwork does not appear on the phone app.

So nothing to fix, as @craig said, the app just doesn’t pull the artwork.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, Linda!

So strange, that Apple Podcasts doesn’t make the artwork visible on Apple devices (iOS and OS), as I have tried it on an iMac as well (not just the iPhone and iPad).

So glad you mentioned the PC aspect of this conundrum as I had not thought about the system itself creating the distinction.

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Thanks Craig - I did locate an article that explained how to make the artwork appear and it seemed as if I had done everything correctly, so Linda’s “Nothing to fix” assessment is apparently spot on. I appreciate the info!


So, a combo of @craig s and @thearena’s responses shows that, no surprise, they nailed it! Here’s a shot of podchaser’s site with three of my recently redone covers (and one that was host-on-mic, so no guest image would be there), and this is on an iMac. So it’s Apple Podcasts only, on Apple devices, where it doesn’t work. Wow.
Thanks again, both!