Converting listeners to email-subscribers

Continuing the discussion from German With Podcast:

ooooooooooh shiny! I’d very much like to hear more about what you’re doing to try to achieve that.


Here’s the plan:

  • Revamp lead magnets (2) and place prominently on website
  • link to them from podcast (dynamic snippet in Captivate)
  • create two new podcast episodes introducing each lead magnet individually
  • shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!

Building a email list is an ongoing concern of mine, so thank you both for your input here.

I’m going to publicly commit to have a better cookie content giveaway one month from now, which is June 18. Thanks for the prompt!


Did you say cookies? :cookie::cookie::cookie:

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Hey, @GermanWithNicole
As an indie author I do the email list and actually like everything else I do around here, backwards. In other words, right now I am using my podcast as a perk for my regular readers and to gift their friends with a chance to, in this case hear, a snippet of my work before they buy. The snippets are also available for reading at my website.

What I’ve found to be a truth is that people are unwilling to give their email addresses away (e.g. join your email list) for nothing. That is a dinosaur bone, a thing of the past. We must make a trade. In my author world I trade a potential reader’s email address for a free short story (reader magnate is the marketing term).

What can you offer as a reader magnate? I lose a percentage (have not calculated) of peeps once they get the free dl, but then like Seth is always telling us, they weren’t our peeps. It is interesting to note that not everyone who hands over their addy, is given the magic url for the download uses it. It is a small uncalculated percentage, but full disclosure and all of that.

I make it clear that they may unsubscribe at any time and I will never sell or give away their email addresses.

There must be something you can provide your listeners as a download. This can all be automated at your website. A pocket dictionary of the most useful phrases transliterated–including how to order a beer like a true Bavarian, or several bawdy German jokes.

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I have two lead magnets already, both of which I’ve revamped and will re-release next week. The funnel is set up, this is only a tweak.

Now cookies…that’s a different story. :smiley:

…i keep hearing talk about cookies, but I don’t see any cookies o_O

I must be missing @DavidB 's point, joke, or whatever. What sort of cookies?

So, @GermanWithNicole are you saying that your reader magnet will be available to those who already know about you?

Literal, baked cookies. (if my memory serves me)

Haha @craig they wouldn’t travel/mail very easily :wink: plus the insurance would be prohibitive.