Where/how have you surprised yourself recently?

We (podcasters in general) don’t acknowledge our own successes often enough. It’s important to look back and (in the words of Vonnegut) think, “well, if this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”

A milestone?
A special episode?
A new idea you’ve had?
A vision you managed to bring to life in the world?

I challenge you to acknowledge something that you should be proud of AND to share it here!


I talk a lot about organization, processes, backups, … tech.

Today I had a great conversation (for the Movers Mindset show) and was all pumped up… “That was nice!”

I made the episode, did all the publishing and then got to the step where I put everything “away in cold storage” . . . I open this folder . . . obviously I’m in the folder a lot. But just seeing it this way, it startled me. This show is now in its SIXTH year, having started at the beginning of January in 2017.


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Excellent idea, @craig
Okay, in August 2020 I started the podcasting workshop with the weird idea to try and produce a non-interview podcast and I’m doing just that

5 chapters of my book The Reluctant Countess are in the can, replete with opening and closing music, foley, recaps for previous episode and a teaser for the next.

I had hoped to start publishing the beginning of January. My new date for dropping the first episode is the beginning of March 2022.

I am proud of myself. Thank you for asking this question.
AnnieP (she/her)


Outstanding, @craig !
Way to go, @AnnieP !

Now that I am not longer trying to wrestle all my ideas into submission, which is a key change in my life, I’ve made several changes to the podcast:

  • I changed the name to “German With Nicole.com” for better search results, and more people have found it and continue to do so.
  • For the first 3-4 months of 2022 there will be 2-3 episodes per month rather than 1 episode per week; people were a bit overwhelmed, and so was I. So far this fits us all better. And moving to 8-12 minute episodes has been eeeeeasy.
  • The other day the podcast surpassed 3200 downloads, and is at an average of 116 downloads per week, and I hadn’t thought that many people would tune in to “my little podcast.”

It’s not such a little podcast, afterall!


Great, @GermanWithNicole


Oh fun! this is such a nice idea @craig! I love reading these. 6 years Craig!! 5 chapters @AnnieP!! and holy crap @GermanWithNicole 3200!!

A piece I made last year during the podcasting workshop got published on transom.org this week! I worked really hard on the writing to accompany it and it felt like a big deal to put this out there. Also it was really exciting to get a payment from Atlantic Public Media. yeahhhhhh!

This is such a nice idea, Craig!! Thanks for giving us a spot to feel good about feeling good!


…wait that was you? I think I saw something by Abby . . . but I must have been under-caffeinated, added 1 + 1 …and got distracted. Way to go Abby!

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Yeah it’s me!! Thanks, @craig!!!

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Yes Congrats Abby,
I heard about the episode this morning through an email…Air Media… Here’s what they said…

  • NEW SHOW: “Mombinary” by Abby Wambaugh *

This piece was sent to us through our submissions page, “over the transom.” We review every piece that comes in, looking for work that pushes boundaries, and for promising new talent.

This was Abby’s first produced audio work. It made us want to listen more than once, and the sonic choices in her “thoughtscape” made us feel like we discovered something in the moment along with her. Also, Abby wrote up some terrific notes on her process for jumping into audio production, well worth reading.



Excellent, @AbbyWambaugh !

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I overcame my social anxiety and tech anxiety and started doing interviews. I did host on mic for the first year. I am learning so much from my guests that I am able to put into my nursing practice. I am really enjoying it. About to publish episode 70. I am experimenting with different topics and guests and don’t feel I have to have it all mapped out.


It takes courage @KatCocks to keep putting one foot in front of the other


aw thanks so much @brucedevereux !!! I didn’t know it went out like that- thanks for posting it for me!


@AbbyWambaugh You are welcome! That is very significant recognition!!


@craig, @AnnieP, @GermanWithNicole, @AbbyWambaugh, @brucedevereux, @KatCocks, and I hope I didn’t miss anyone -

Wow! This thread really leapt out at me.

It didn’t matter if your post was
a word of encouragement to another person,
a celebration of your own,
an original thought, or
a bit of reflection shared with the rest of us,
my takeaway was that all of us continue to find value in what we do, enjoy and learn from what others do, and that the challenge of finding the sweet spot of focus, effort, and time is also universal (or nearly so).

I am coming off of (and heading right back into) a “season” of excitement about new ideas while simultaneously grappling with how to manage all of the moving parts that could lead to more (meaningful? consistent? helpful?) content creation.

Reading your posts here solidifies my intention to nail down some processes that will support what (I think) I want to spend my time on.

:face_with_spiral_eyes:So ends the most convoluted, rambling, maybe-only-makes-sense-to-me post yet penned.
If you stayed with it this far, thanks.


It’s a journey, dude @David3560


Well done!! :clap:

Hey Everyone!!

Frustrated here as I can’t add comments on more than 3 posts. Aargh. So y’all, I’m not ignoring anyone. I’m just going to leave :heart:s

Really exciting, @AbbyWambaugh! Congratulations :tada: And :moneybag: Payment​:clap: Fantastic!


Hooray, Nicole! Sounds like you made smart choices.

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Yasss!! @AnnieP
I’m proud of you, too!


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A milestone for Mary - regarding the Akimbo POD10 Course Assignments - I’ve completed 10 of them (two weeks) on time, plus comments on the work of others. Feels like a habit (PRACTICE) is taking form, one that can carry me through to the Course Finish Line and Commencement on March 17th, 2022. The real win is how illuminating the work and comments of other cohorts truly is and of course the Coaches and Remarkables. Cohort Learning really is where it’s at!