Clarity Vx Plug In

Question: I purchased the Clarity Vx plug in for my podcast when my remote guests use “air pods” which creates an echo. My DAW is Audacity and it’s not listed on the site for supported DAWS; has anyone successfully used this in Audacity? Thanks!


Not sure if this is apropos, but have you seen, Waves PlugIns for DAWs - Questions ?

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Yes, I was hoping that someone more tech-savvy than myself had a workaround. I just spent a lot of money on these plugins, and now I can’t use them. I just assumed that they worked with Audacity since so many podcasters use Audacity. At this point, I’m not ready to learn a whole new DAW. Thank you for your response.

I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t use Audacity or plugins, so I’m of no help.

@steveh, any thoughts on this?

…and is this of any help:

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Thank you for this. I’m sticking with Audacity for now…I’ll figure something out. Thanks

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Hi @MSL clarity Vx does work in Audacity - either in the effects menu or in the add effects in the track control panel. I use it regularly myself.

It is great for background noise removal and isolating the voice. It is not really suitable for removing reverb but that may not be what you mean by echo. Can you say more or share a small piece of sample audio so we can listen to it Pedro?

Also, are you having difficulty getting the plug-in to work at all or it is just not giving the desired result?


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