Separate Audio Tracks Using Mixer

Hoping to find a solution to my problem. Here’s the details:

  • I use a Behringer Q1202 USB Mixer
  • 2 Audiotechnica microphones that connect to the mixer
  • Mixer to desktop computer
  • I use 3 cameras to record video (1 iPad and 2 iPhones)

Normally when I record I use Audacity and the mixer, it brings in one track. I want to move into video podcasting and want to use the AI auto-editing plugin Autopod. Autopod requires unique audio tracks for each video. I normally just disregard the audio of the video I record and line it up with the editing software.

My problem/question is: Is it possible to get separate audio tracks from the Behringer? I have seen online some people use audio cards? Haven’t heard of these before. Hoping for some guidance.


Welcome @knowledgedrop !

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Hi @knowledgedrop Derek and welcome.

I dont know anything about Autopod and am focussed more on audio than video but I will add it to my ‘rabbit-hole’ list for checking out sometime.

I had a quick poke around on the Behringer website but the mixer seems to be just that. To get multiple tracks out of it requires it to function as an audio interface. I am not sure it can. I am guessing it just has a stereo output via the usb cable to your computer and Audacity so, sadly it will only give you one track.

Having said that if you have multiple source files, potentially you can import the files separately to create multiple tracks. Not sure that is going to help you though.

What is the input autopod is looking for?

Audio Interfaces into Audacity allow multiple tracks (with a few traps to avoid).

Descript is good at taking multiple video files and combining them into a single composition. It also does basic video editing. It may require silencing the audio and using one as the master eg the output from the Behringer. That would be a different thing and a new set of headaches and maybe not the direction you are wanting to go.

Not sure this helps - I am sure there may be follow up questions from both sides. Best wishes SteveH


OK had a look and Autopod looks like a set of plugins for using in Adobe Premiere Pro. Is that how you see it Derek? @knowledgedrop

If you have an Adobe subscription you can work in the Adobe ecosystem. Consider Premiere if you are working with video and Audition for any audio on its own with easy transfer from Premiere and back again.

Big learning but a powerful set of tools that are worth investing time to learn if you are serious about video. Alternatively, making the AI do the work may suit if you can cope with getting all the raw footage into the right place. There may be some snags to overcome.

Sounds like you could be on a big journey.


For the curious

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Hi @knowledgedrop, I think the simplest solution, because you are only using two mics, would be for you to use your Behringer mixer to pan Mic 1 to the left channel and Mic 2 to the right channel.

Then the stereo output you record in Audacity will have both voices on the stereo track separated onto the left and right channel.

Then you can use Audacity to split the left and right channels from the stereo track to their own mono tracks. Which you can feed into your app.

Mono tracks, once separated, will play on both left and right speakers.

Good luck.


oh snap! @Jey that’s a BRILLIANT idea.

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This feels like you are letting the tail wag the dog so to speak. I’m presuming from what you are saying that Autopod edits based on which camera is filming the current speaker, which it will detect by the audio tracks. If you were using something like Riverside to record remotely this would be perfect.

Is there no way in Autopod to set a master audio track, and only use the crappy camera audio to detect who is speaking?
If Autopod only chooses the camera and doesn’t do any cuts you could just add the ‘good’ mixer audio after Autopod does its thing with the camera sources.

In any case multicam is always ‘fun’. When you’ve mastered this, you can move on to live broadcast multicam switching, which I’m sure there’ll be an AI solution for too… and if not then I have a business proposal I’d like you to consider. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: