Audio podcasting is just fine

This article does a great job of exploring all the ways that video isn’t competing with podcasting. There’s also a link to a good how-to if you want to dip your toes into video as an extension of your podcast.

For me, I’m sticking to audio-only, (as I think most of you are too.) I have something I’m trying to create and share and that is served well-enough by audio-only. Bringing “good enough” video into the mix would make my work impossible (given my current available resources.)



Excellent article, @craigconstantine - thanks for sharing!

I have no interest in doing full video episodes. I have thought about recording video and using it for promotional clips, as I think that might do better at attention getting in certain places (Instagram, LinkedIn). Curious if others have gone that route and how it’s gone for them.

Hey @craigconstantine - are you associated with The Podcast Host group? It’s a great resource!

I’ve not seen that one (or I don’t think I’ve seen it) do you have a link, or do you mean this community:

It’s the thing in the link posted above.

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