What can we do today to stand out?

Say what you will about Reddit, this thread started 6 months ago and has a lot of interesting discussion.

Lastly, let’s acknowledge a very important thing for the sake of your sanity: Most podcasters aren’t ever going to make a living at this. Competing for attention is a never-ending arms race, and you can burn yourself out in that arms race and still never make a dime. I’ve seen people rise and fall in a single year, become completely burned out, developed substance addictions, destroyed friendships. And for those who don’t think it can happen outside of traditional mainstream media (TV/film/print/radio), we’re already seeing YouTube burnout.

For years I had a mentality of: I’ll do the work, and eventually my show might gain traction.

These days I’m trying to really learn to just be…

I’ll do the work simply because I enjoy it, and each podcast episode where I succeed at creating what I want to create makes the world a better place.




Hear, hear, @craigconstantine - I couldn’t have said it better.

Or, as I told my mother (in her 80s, wondering if people paid to listen to my podcast), “It’s more of a hobby.” Then again, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a hobby…a.k.a. passion project!


@craigconstantine - your summary nails the minimum viable audience. Reminds me of the “Line Segment of Influence” concept. At the end of the day, we make a difference 1:1, one person, one listener, one friend, one colleague at a time. And,

is as valid a reason as any to keep doing the work, especially when paired with

You did a great job distilling a “big deal” into a few words.