Audacity and OS X 14.2

Letting you know in case it is relevant for you.


I have just become aware of an issue with the recording/playback meters in Audacity if you are running Mac OS X 14.2


Update to Mac OS 14.3 seems to resolve it

I can’t run the latest versions of the Mac OS on my old laptop, so I can not reproduce the problem or the fix.

Any experience or feedback is appreciated.

NB Audacity version is currently at 3.4.2

Best wishes, and keep making a change



Can we review when we meet on 13 th? In case i need to use audacity in future? I hope we dont forget

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Hi Steve and everyone,
I had this same issue recently, which seems to be entirely a MAC omission. So I joined the Apple Beta group to access Sonoma 14.3 (Beta) which resolves it. (Unfortunately, I no longer have the download files.) Sonoma 14.4 is now out in Beta but I haven’t installed it yet.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the feedback. Good to know. Each ‘improvement’ is an opportunity for something to break. I am amazed that computers work at all.

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Of course. We can take a look.

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