Send a podcast clip

The thatpart app was in Tuesday’s podnews. I’ve tested out the app and it’s cool!


Thanks @JuleKucera - I downloaded it.

It worked very well (for the most part).

I sent a note to the developer because the image from the podcast cover art was replaced by a solid square with rounded corners (like an app icon). I also asked about resizing to fit various social media platform upload proportions.

If I hear back, I will post the developer’s response here.

Thanks so much for sharing this app! It looks like a potentially great tool. I was able to very easily take the screenshot, adjust the beginning and ending sections of the clip, and save it, as well as add a title, but the image part was not functioning properly (or I simply missed a HowTo somewhere).

Even if this won’t work with social media posts, it is a great way to send a clip to a guest, or to “direct market“ to other potentially interested listeners and generate some new listeners. I really like it!


@JuleKucera - update - I just contacted the developer again, this time by contacting them from the “Customize” button on the clip that I had created and saved. If a response is received, I will post it here.


While I was typing this I noticed an email from ThatPart arrived in my InBox. Rasheed from ThatPart responded to my inquiry. The bug has been fixed AND he went ahead and retroactively “repaired” my saved file so that I did not have to redo it from scratch. He also asked for some feedback and I was able to share a couple of ideas.

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@David3560 :pray: thank you for reaching out to the developer and getting information and a solution and for giving information to make it better. And thanks for sharing it here!

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Looks pretty slick. Just loaded it on my phone and will try it out. Thanks Jule.