Anyone using Mastodon?

I’m dipping my toes into making some of my content available to people who are using Mastodon. If you’re using Mastodon, can you see, out in the Fediverse?

(…and no, I’m not going to podcast via Mastodon.)


Not using it. Yet. :wink:

This turned out to be very easy. There’s a plugin for Wordpress which makes the site visible in the Mastodon “fediverse”. If you’re on Mastodon you can now follow simply by searching in whatever you’re using to access Mastodon.

As a further experiment, I connected Movers Mindset to the Mastodon fediverse. Following will find the things that Movers Mindset is publishing.

:thinking: Addresses in the Mastondon fediverse looks like email addresses. Just like email, the format is

If you’ve been scratching your head wondering if Mastodon is worth understanding… yes, it is. It’s not a “Twitter replacement” — it’s a different way for people to associate with each other. In current “social media” platforms, we the users are the product. In a federated system such as Mastodon, there’s no 3rd-party coercion.


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