Worth a look: Wow, this is beautiful

I stumbled over the Creative Voyage podcast’s web site today. Wow. This is minimalism. The type, the color palette, … beautiful. Definitely view this on your desktop browser so you can smoosh the width to see the full responsive styling too.


For a long time I thought I was on a path towards becoming a minimalist. Then I realized I’m actually not striving for minimalism, but rather essentialism. I’ve done a lot of thinking about podcast titles, cover art, removing the episode-numbers, and the entire “style” of the recorded conversations.

If I could force you to remove one thing—anything at all from subtle to major—from your current work, what would it be?

Me? I’ve lately been using a “-” in my titles, like: Transition - with Alasdair Plambeck yesterday. I’m suddenly thinking: Why is that “-” in there?


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