Celebrate progress: How have you surprised yourself recently?

:thinking: We podcasters don’t acknowledge our own successes often enough. It’s important to look back and (in the words of Vonnegut) think, “well, if this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”

A milestone?

A special episode?

A new idea you’ve had?

A vision you managed to bring to life in the world?

I challenge you to acknowledge something that you should be proud of AND to share it here!



Not necessarily a significant milestone in the pinnacle sense, but I will hit episode 50 soon (hopefully on or near the fourth anniversary of my first episode’s release) and while that is sub-prolific by virtually any post-production standard, when I look at what has transpired (work+) since Episode 1’s release, I am not at all distraught at the pace. Do I (still) want to ramp it up a bit? Yes!

And, while there has been another disappointing gap between the first and second (still pending) installment of me reading my book aloud, I remain excited about the prospect of peppering those episodes into my completed list during this next year.

So, for me, still here, new ideas for episodes, still picking up great “stuff” from this community, I am pleased to put all of this in the Success Column.

So true, @Craig, about missing (or not taking) opportunities to reflect (because sharing these types of updates can feel a bit self-aggrandizing) yet when we pause and say I (or more accurately “we”) did that, it is acknowledgement of the universal desire to persist and make meaningful change, even if the benefit only reaches one person. Positive difference made. Good enough. I’ll take it.

Keep going!


My “experiment” podcast that I started in March 2020, Little Box of Quotes has surpassed 1,000 daily episodes and just topped 50,000 downloads.

It originally started as my way of almost engaging with the famous 60-seconds practice… each episode is that short. But I quickly realized that I didn’t have room in my life for another daily practice. :slight_smile: Instead, I figured out how to set up the entire process of creating them so I could easily do them in multi-week batches.

My biggest learning? Time spent speaking into the microphone pays off. 1,000+ minutes is about 17 hours of time spent talking into microphones… plus the practice of “dramatic reading” of all the quotes. Learning to slow down has been a big win too (when I can manage it.)



First thanks to “we all know who” for setting up this sweet incentive challenge acknowledgement post place! Today, after a year long hiatus, I finished Episode 8 of my Podcast, This Wondrous System AND Issue #1 of a companion Substack Newsletter by the same name. They are BOTH scheduled to publish tonight at midnight, 12:00 am 1/27/2023. Yup, I’m feeling unnaturally happy! Can’t find an emoticon with a wide enough smile.


@David3560 and buckets of hearts for paragraphs 3 and 4!



Two weeks ago today, I was in Amelia Island, Florida for the Pulpwood Queen girlfriend weekend, a conference of writers held annually.

I moderated a panel of international authors and I was selected for March 2023 international book of the month for MEET ME IN MUMBAI… A Group of documentary filmmakers filmed the whole weekend. It’s a great honor to have received recognition and to be able to connect with all of the authors and readers in the Pulpwood Queen Kathy L Murphy’s international book club.


Soooo glad you shared this accomplishment and recognition Lovelace - :clap: :clap: :clap: :star_struck:


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