Worth a look: How to find similar podcasts

This came up in a mastermind group: If I wanted to find other podcasts shows to reach out to about sharing our work (I pub your episode, you pub mine), how do I find the shows?

This is also useful both if you want to simply find other podcasts to listen to.

There’s a 3D visualizer that looks at what shows people are subscribed to, and visually shows you what’s similar:

And there is also a more-usual looking search at Listen Notes…

And Podchaser will show you similar shows once you search and find your own show. Scroll down this page for Movers Mindset and you’ll find a “Similar” section at the bottom…

What other tools or tricks do you know of?


@maryjlrowe re today’s Idea Club meeting… this topic above is about find other shows similar to your own.

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Oh @craigconstantine - thanks so much for taking the time to send me those 2 links! Have explored both sites with excellent results. :smile: