Worth a listen: Brian Koppelman's conversation with Steven Pressfield

I’m adding this podcast episode to my “I wish I had…” list.

I’ve said a couple times that I wish I’d read Seth’s The Practice and Kleon’s Show Your Work! right at the beginning of my podcasting journey. This little conversation would be a third thing I wish I’d seen right at the beginning.

Being a professional has nothing to do with getting paid. Resistance is real, it’s myself, and is waiting for me to invite it to stop me. The muse is a metaphor, but it rewards you for being found doing the work.

And here’s Pressfield’s corresponding, post-conversation blog post:

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Thanks @craigconstantine

I love how clearly Pressfield knew who his audience is:

KOPPELMAN “Before we started recording the podcast, I asked Brian who his audience was—and what they were hoping to get from our conversation, or any conversation.”

PRESSFIELD “They’re very intelligent. Highly educated. Creative. Some are young, just starting out. Others have long successful careers, in all kinds of fields, but maybe they’re not completely happy. They’re struggling. They’re trying to break through, not just in a creative or commercial sense, but on a deeper level, a soul level. They’re on their ‘hero’s journeys.’ They’re in the shit and they want to know how other people have handled their own time in the shit.”

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uh, not to nit-pick… but I’m pretty sure you have their names flipped…

Koppelman’s awareness of his listeners is impressive…

Pressfield said, “I asked Brian who…”

Koppleman gave [I AGREE, OMG!!] an exceedingly specific and clear answer.

I remember that jumping out at me as I listened. But obv forgot to mention it — thanks for pointing out @jey :smiley:

lol! Of course you are right @craigconstantine . Forgive my mis-appellation .

Although it raises an issue I’ve wondered about for a while. I follow Pressfields interviews and he has tendency to ask the host so many questions that it turns out like it’s his show. Not in a malicious way but it definitely throws most hosts.

I wonder if anyone has prepped for this happening to them or and this experience?

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