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Sometimes I have a “thread of interest” that I simply know I will never have the time to do anything with. Instead of simply ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ing and letting it go, I’m sharing this here so I can feel like I did something with it.

I was reading this page in Peter Block’s book, Community

The what now? Oh, this periodical…

…but the links on that page itself are broken. More searching did lead me to find at least some issues in U Sask.'s online store. But they are not cheap. (If they were single-dollars-each, I might just buy them all.)

They are available on ABE Books…

But they are not found in my local (small town) library. Oddly, my little library’s online system doesn’t even find them when I expand to search “all” (their word, not mine) libraries.

Open questions I had:

Does anyone within the sound of my voice have any issues? …have any commentary about the periodical at large?

Does anyone’s closest library have any of them?

Is anyone near the University of Saskatchewan? …have a contact there? …or any in-real-life means of getting more information?

Why aren’t the contents of these online? (They seem to be culturally significant.)


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@Craig - agree this is very relevant and a wonderful “body of work” around objectives you (we) hold dear. Explored enough to see the challenges in getting reasonable access. Will respond better later but for now, assuming you called the U Sack’s bookstore at (306) 966-4468? Thanks for sharing your find!