Why do podcasters wear headphones?

Hello, I am looking for real experiences about why podcasters wear headphones. I tried reading some articles, but I felt that they provided very generic information, lacking real-life experiences. I am looking to hear from experts about why podcasters wear headphones and what potential problems they might encounter if they did not use headphones.

Based on my experience, all the articles you’ve read are correct.

I’ll add…

It prevents echo and feedback; without headphones the sound from my computer would bleed into my mic. I have a directionally sensitive mic so this isn’t a major often an issue on my side. But for my guests who resist headphones, I regularly hear my own sound, from their speakers, picked up in their mic.

It enables me to hear what my mic is actually recording; without headphones my voice sounds like it always does to my ears. With headphones (and the proper configuration of gear) I hear exactly what my mic is picking up, enabling me to pay attention to my technique in real-time.


@craigconstantine @NextHeadphone Craig’s explanation is spot on, per usual. And you’ll also find headphones useful during your editing process since they will help you spot the low-level imperfections easier. A set of headphones is a must right from the start.

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Thanks everyone replying on this thread.