Where else should I be sharing the Podcaster Community?

In a private mastermind group the other day, I was part of a conversation about sharing one’s work. I started thinking (and we talked about this a bit) about two degrees of separation.

That led me to wondering, where else should I be seen contributing, and sharing the Podcaster Community?

Seth would say, Who are your sneezers? (An unfortunate metaphor post-pandemic, but a wonderful concept.)

There are many other spaces for podcasters (for example, Reddit has https://www.reddit.com/r/podcasting/ ) but where else? …not where are the podcasters? …but who, besides podcasters, and where are those people?


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I am also on https://indiepod.thepodcasthost.com/ but it’s sort of a competitor to here. I think it might be sponsored/owned by Alitu.

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