What's the one thing?


I believe that our “outreach” messages, sent to potential guests on our shows, are a very generous gift.

Well, they should be. If I’m doing my job correctly, doing it well, and doing it with the correct intention then my invitation is a gift.

Some people are going to perceive my invitation as a big “ask.” Fortunately, I can’t control how they perceive it. Yes, “fortunately.” Once I realize I have no control, then I’m left focusing on the intention from which I’m reaching out. And I’m left focusing on the clarity of my message.

What’s the one thing?

I always keep that question in mind when doing outreach: What is the one thing that I wish this person would do upon reading my message? There are many possible answers to that self-assessment, hypothetical question. Once I have my answer, I can then use that to guide refining my message.

If I had to point to one source for this idea, I’d say it was inspired by my work with Angie Flynn-McIver from Ignite CSP, who talks often about intention .

Your turn

Do you have “one thing” in mind when doing outreach? What is it?

…if you haven’t had “one thing” in mind, does this change your thinking? If not, why not?


Good question, @craig. I love Angie’s perspectives on communicating.

My “one thing” changes depending on the guest. If they are an independent professional, then I focus on their origin story, their career trajectory, and the change they seek to make.

If the guest is someone whose work informs the work of the independent professionals I engage with, then I focus on the value, importance, or usability of the guest’s work.


My InnerView guest outreach @craig follows the trajectory of Stories From Women Who Walk. I want to showcase women who are walking their lives while their lives decided to walk them; so we get to hear about hope, pivot, imagination, motivation, inspiration, pulling yourself up whether on the Camino de Santiago or after a cancer diagnosis. I showcase my guests’ recent achievements: an inauguaral Summit, published book, fund-raising trek, upcoming speaking engagements and the like.


This definitely changes my approach for sure! In some cases I may be quite vague with my interview request. Going to try and switch it up and see what happens. Thanks!

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My One Thing…CREATIVITY as a spiritual practice…but that might still be too broad and not “one thing”.