Thank you Linda — Virtual campfires artwork

Linda is awesome

Back in August, just a couple months after the doors first opened here, we began having Virtual Campfires and posting the results in #campfires

:thinking: The Virtual Campfires are for our Supporting Members — see, What’s inside for our Supporting Members. We have our Virtual Campfires on second Sundays each month. There’s one coming up on January 9th, in case you’re on the fence about becoming a Supporting Member, and want some instant gratification. :laughing:

We have this beautiful artwork thanks to @thearena . I hadn’t even said, “should we have some artwork?” Linda just saw an opportunity to make things better and made it happen.

Nice! Actually, better than just nice… it’s Influencer Badge nice!

If you agree with me, please hit reply and tell Linda she rocks.



@thearena actually Linda, I wondered where this wonderful warm community cozy campfire artwork came from? Good to know the source! :+1:

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Oh gosh, thank you @craig. Coming from you, this is a huge compliment. I am happy to help where I can. And appreciate the acknowledgment. :pray:t2:


Linda, I already knew you rocked but there you go again, proving it one more time.


You are a star Linda. Well done.