Storytelling - with Heather Morrison

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Thank you very much Craig! Loved being on your show!

If any of you are curious about my theater-geeky podcast,
you can listen here: Geeks in the Greenroom

Coming soon is the Memory Keepers Society podcast where I interview people who journal about their lives and use journaling to make sense of their world, deal with difficult emotions, find creative projects, and craft more polished pieces to share with family and friends as a legacy.


Waving Hello!
Minimum viable podcast!
Fruit flies in the house!
I have no clue what to do - who’s it for - what’s it for ! Got it!
In TPF 4 I created a name, a description, the cover art so I could ship it & here we are
How to make the mic work for you!
Practice with letting go of the keyboard when the guest goes askew!
Like it @craig & @heather


Waving Hello! (how hilarious and powerful that is!)

thanks for weighing in… you got a lot out of 20 min! :slight_smile:


I’m a story-teller
I listen well
occupational hazard @heather

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