What sorcery is this? Adobe Podcast free tool

This difference in sound is incredible. And it’s totally free although I am thinking there must be ‘some’ limits in terms of file length and file type but I’m yet to test it fully.

Has anyone used this properly yet?


Yeah, the ‘Studio Sound’ option in Descript does similar ‘magic’. I like it because if it over repairs then you can dial it a back a bit.

I’m really interested to see what Adobe delivers as they are supposedly planning a complete tool that replaces the Riverside and Descript combo that I use at the moment.


I’ve really been digging CleanFeed for recording. If it can win an Emmy for its tech and movie studios are using it to allow filmstars to record their voiceovers at home then it must be good. Plus it’s only £15 a month.

And I was just about to hit go on Descript for the transcription and editing, especially “studio sound” but now? now I don’t know what to do!

Nope, not that I’ve found yet. It seems that while the Adobe app is in public beta there are no limits, to length. I’ve sent a two hour recording to Adobe and it processed it (but it took a while!). So use it while it’s free!

What I think it does (for free, for now) better than anything else is reduce the reverb in a recording. In addition to normalizing and noise reduction.

The thing I do not like about Adobe’s app is that it loudness normalizes the audio to -16 LUFS because it assumes we are publishing our files as stereo. I don’t. I publish (when I publish, as I’ve been on hiatus for a couple of years now do to rank incompetence - blush!) as mono. Which means I want it loudness normalized at -19 LUFs. Easy to fix using other apps but a lot of folks may not realize.

In terms of what you should do @BrianCumming - I think you need to articulate the regular treatments you consistently need to make to your tape and figure out which app can streamline that process for you best and at the best price. So what are the consistent issues you need to fix? Reverb? Background noise? Low Gain? etc…

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