Audio Editor looking for podcasts to edit

Hello all, I have over 10 years of experience in both audio and video editing. I’d like to get into editing podcasts and am looking for some raw audio to edit for a portfolio. Either existing, already aired material or I’m also willing to cut an episode for free.

Looking for a variety of show types. I can edit for content, adjust time, remove background noise/pauses/etc., mix, sweeten and master voiceovers/music/SFX. I can also create original music/sound design and embed ID3 tags.

Thanks for any interest. Also, podcasters who work with editors: What would you change or improve about the process?

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The entire #podtalk show is basically raw audio.

It’s unedited (nothing is cut out; the ends are trimmed but otherwise it’s Rec-thru-Stop). I usually remember to apply a little noise filter. Then I simply export to a LUFS target loudness. I’m not an audio editor, and the project cannot afford professional editing. So it’s simply “minimum viable podcast.”

You’re welcome to pick an episode that sounds like it could use help, and I can pass you the raw files. They are usually recorded via’s service, so I should have WAV files for the two tracks. (Sometimes we have to punt to using Zoom, and then the “raw” recordings are already compressed and probably useless for you.)

Message me privately @craigconstantine ( :arrow_backward: click that, then click the [Message] button — I think brand-new users … hey, welcome! … can send private messages?)

Message me privately if you want to pick one as I’d like to check with the guest too. (But it’s unlikely to be a problem.) Happy to discuss more here publicly etc.


Thank you so much! I’m not seeing the ability to send a message but that would be perfect! I’ve listened to a few I’d like to work on. How should I reach out?

oops, system had you at super-new level… try it now. @craigconstantine