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@CTRStage I am referring back to this post as I am trying to set up a brand new podcast on Anchor. However, I am not sure if I need to have a separate account for each podcast on Spotify/Anchor.

For some reason, I am not able to log in to Spotify for podcasts with my regular Spotify login. Currently, I have no podcast hosted on Spotify, I have one podcast hosted on SimpleCast but is available on Spotify.

Do you have any recommendations for this situation?

Thank you,

@craigconstantine @DannyvLHealthHats any thoughts?


Hi @AmandaB! Anchor is now called Spotify for Podcasters and this will be a different login than your regular Spotify account. If you had a podcast already on Anchor then your login info stayed the same but you would have created a separate Anchor account previously.

If you are setting up a new podcast on Spotify for Podcasters now, you will need to create an account for your new podcast. And your other podcast that’s on a different platform would not show up in this account unless you moved that podcast over to Spotify for Podcasters.

I’m not sure how Spotify for Podcasters handles multiple hosted podcasts… that would require a bit more research. But I would probably recommend setting up the new podcast and seeing how Spotify for Podcasters compares to SimpleCast and learn what your personal preference is.

I have no recommendation for you because Anchor (Spotify for Podcasters) is the only thing I’ve tried and I didn’t have much criteria for choosing in the first place because I didn’t know if podcasting would be a thing for me or not :grinning:. But I have no complaints with Anchor, now Spotify for Podcasters, so far.

Does that help?


Hi @AmandaB - what is attracting you to Spotify Podcasts as a host? If it is because it is free you could also look at Acast the free tier has everything you need to get started. It doesn’t offer the easy creation options of Spotify Podcasters but it depends what you are looking for.

Spotify account and login - there seems to be info if you poke around a bit. Hope this may help. I think multiple accounts for multiple podcasts but I may be wrong.

“ You’ll need to connect a Spotify account to Spotify for Podcasters in order to sign up, then claim your podcast on Spotify for Podcasters.”


Substack is also free and it’s not tiered.
It depends if and how you want to monetize because Substack won’t do ad placement the way Spotify for Podcasts and others do.
Substack is set up for paid email subscriptions to blogs and podcasts.
Also, I know that Anchor stopped automatically giving you an RSS feed at one point, so I’d check that Spotify for Podcasts allows you an RSS feed that will allow you to be heard on non-Spotify platforms.


Great advice from Sam, Steve and Mark. In short - unless you are on or then you need one account per podcast.


Thank you for the great insight, @SamS !!!

This is the situation that I got stuck with. Since I already have a podcast on SimpleCast and it is distributed to Spotify I was not sure if I need to set up a new email to set up a new account for the 2nd podcast.

This is very helpful. Many thanks!

Thank you so much, @steveh .

I am also curious about Acast I have been on a couple of recordings on Acast. However, I am not familiar with it and am curious if it is simple to get familiar with it.

Love this community. Thank you for the recommendation and info!!

@Mark Thank you for sharing all the great suggestions and insight. I didn’t know that Substack can be used for podcasts.

I am very interested in Substack and this is new to me. I will look into it to see how this works for my own work.

This new podcast I am planning on is one for a non-profit so they want it to be on a free platform that most educators know about.

This is so helpful. What is your substack subscription link? If you don’t mind me asking.

Such a good point. I will look into that.

Many thanks!


That is what I missed. Thank you, @Jey !

I love this amazing podcast community!


Not at all. I added a custom url so my link is
But you don’t have to use a custom url at all.

Substack is mainly used for newsletters, and so there is a bit of extra set up required to make sure your RSS feed gets listed everywhere - but you only have to do that once.

What I like most about Substack is that you get the email addresses of the people who subscribe via email. Which means you can send them whatever you want and are not limited to the podcast player they were using. If you do seasons, then after the break people are more likely to notice the emailed new episodes.

From a non-profit point of view you could also ask people to support the podcast via a paid subscription too. You don’t have to put content behind a paywall to accept paid subscriptions, you could keep it all free.

Best wishes,


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