Good morning podcasters!

At some point in the past I moved my podcast to my captivate. And while I really like the platform it is about 17 or $19 a month and honestly I haven’t made a podcast in months. I moved there originally because it was a flat fee for however many podcasts you wanted to create and that appealed to me.

Because I’m not podcasting or not very much I think I’d like to find another platform at a much lower price point.

Would love to hear people’s input on what they’re using what it costs and pluses and minuses.

And of course I’m sure this has been discussed before feel free to forward me a link to where that discussion is.

Thanks in advance for all your feedback!


also see…


If you intend to re-start posting new content in the future but are taking a break, perhaps approach them about a pause to the fee? It can’t hurt. They can only say no.


Thanks, good idea:)

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What is most important to you here @heather ?

This article gives quite a good overview of the different factors. Difficult to stay up to date though.

Hope it helps bring a little clarity about your options or at least identify the right question

/ Steve


Thank you Steve!

Thank you a well for the update email. I meant to get back to you -the email you sent me (sorry about that!)

Glad to be back in the loop with the group.
Hope you are well.


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