MYTHIC - Meaningful Living Through the Power of Myth

Mythic Cover - 3000x 3000

Looking at life through a lens of myth and symbolism can reveal layers of meaning that usually remain obscured or hidden. In the Mythic podcast, host Boston Blake explores archetypal themes in ancient legends and modern media.

  • Myth And Folklore

  • Jungian Psychology

  • Superheroes
    (Wonder Woman, lots of Wonder Woman)

  • Sci-Fi

  • Pop Culture

  • History

  • Current Events

  • Your Personal Issues

Nothing is off-limits!

The Mythic perspective may forever change the way you think about your favorite stories–and yourself.

Caution : Listening to this podcast may contribute to increased synchronicity in your life.


New episode with one of my favorite artists. I love the kinds of conversations I get to have thanks to this podcast.

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