Looking for a MIC that can serve both story and song

Have used MIC’s before - my podcast will include songs/music. Can anyone suggest a microphone for this? Also, would you choose AUDACITY?

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Hi @Laatflyingbra can you share details of the space/room room you will be recording in?

Is it soundproofed? if not then is background noise (e.g. kids running around, neighbors’ lawnmowers, AC units, emergency sirens, etc…) in danger of intruding onto your recordings?

Are you recording just the human voice (talking and/or singing) or any other musical instruments?

These are the main factors that will help to explore the best mic options.

Hi Jey, thanks so much for responding. There is so much to choose from it can make me dizzy. HA!
As of right now there is some danger with outside noise. (No Soundproof.) Always sensitive to back ground noise.

I am recording a human voice and a singing voice - and also may upload a singing/music file already recorded.
I am also, most likely will be using a MAC. If that makes any difference.

Thanks Again Jey

Hey @Laatflyingbra thanks for the extra detail.

Because there is a danger of background noise leaking onto your recordings I’d recommend a Dynamic mic because these are better than Condenser mics at keeping out background noise. They are good for vocals too.

And because you are beginning your podcasting journey a dynamic mic that connects to your Mac via USB will keep your set up simple.

Under $100 check out the

  • Samson Q2U or the
  • Audio-Technica ATR2100x

Above $100 then checkout the

  • Rode PodMic USB Dynamic Microphone - don’t confuse this with the XLR connection version of this mic which is cheaper but needs an additional audio interface box.
  • Shure MV7 USB Microphone

Please also factor in the cost of a mic stand because to get the best sound the mic needs to be 6-10 inches from your mouth. The type of stand will depend on the mic and your space. The sub $100 mics I mentioned come with a mini desk stand but you’ll have to put the stand on some books to get it close to your mouth (that’s what I did for my first six months with my Samson Q2U)

If you can afford it then the Rode or the Sure are good options because they also come with really useful apps that make life easier for you.

Here’s a nice video that explores a range of mics. It’s long but it explores the kinds of things you need to think about when choosing a mic.

Thank you JEY! You are so kind.
Big Thanks,
Is this the JEY that worked with the podcast group through Seth?
I remember that unique spelling and generous nature.
warm regards,
LA@Flying bra

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Jey, would happen to prefer one monitor from another?
I was considering one that is easy on the eyes.
Have a beautiful day and thanks again!

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LOL! Yes, that’s me! I can’t resist geeking out over tech!. Thanks for your kind words. And I can’t wait to hear what you create.

Do share here - even if it’s just your experiments. There are a heap of wise pro’s who will be happy to help you craft your work.

So sorry @Laatflyingbra , that one is definitely beyond my expertise, I’m afraid. My kids annexed what was my studio years ago so I’m stuck with my laptop and whatever dark corner of my house I can find to hide and create!


:heavy_heart_exclamation::pray: LA

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HA! No worries! You’ve helped me big time.

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