Little Box of Quotes

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The little box on my desk


A long long time ago I began collecting inspirational quotes and aphorisms. I kept them on the first version of my web site, where they were displayed randomly. But as time went on, I realized I wanted them where I would see them.

Eventually I copied the fledgeling collection onto 3×5 cards and put them in a small box. As I find new ones, I add cards. I keep the box on my desk with one card showing — just wedged in so it stands up readable. I change the card randomly, whenever the urge strikes.

Countless times I’ve pulled another card and found it eerily appropriate to the challenges of the day. Countless times I’ve returned to my desk and felt inspired upon rediscovering an old card’s whispered counsel. Countless times, just as I was about to throw in the towel, I was saved by an echo from the little box on my desk.


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Published daily since March of 2020, this little podcast is a small part of the things I do. My vision is a world where everyone can flourish. My mission is creating better conversations to spread understanding and compassion. Will you join me?