Lead. Learn. Change

Lead. Learn. Change. addresses these three facets of life through David Reynolds’ host-on-mic commentary and via stimulating conversations with others. A consistent emphasis on the value of education (and especially those who serve as teachers) serves as a core theme across all episodes as guests from many sectors of work and influence share their thinking. Listen in and learn from a Holocaust survivor, second career educators, immigrants from Ukraine, adults who grew up in poverty, a chemist, podcasters, authors, an artist, a mountain climber, a blind woodworker, and more. You will not be disappointed.


One of my favorite episodes ever!
What a great guest!

Episode 37- George Wurtzel - Woodworker, Teacher, Athlete, Visionary


Published 4/4/22

Minutes - 67

Episode Summary

Enjoy this conversation with George Wurtzel, a master craftsman, exemplary teacher, competitive skier, and true visionary. George shares his insights about teaching and learning, adapting to change, rebuilding confidence, and the value of sharing one’s knowledge with others. Whether envisioning possibilities in his mind’s eye, noticing the potential in a piece of wood, an open space, or in the skills and talents of others, George is always ready to learn and to connect with those who want to take the next step in whatever venture they are pursuing. George Wurtzel is a remarkable man who has made a huge difference in the lives of many people, blind and sighted, and he continues to look for ways to make an impact for good with the work that he does. You will be telling others about this episode. Don’t forget to look at the show notes for some great resources and information.