Is there a potential Bitcoin community among us Akimbo folks?

Hi there, Craig mentioned I could ask here, (thanks Craig!) so I do hope this question provides some value to anyone here.

Are there any fellow bitcoin aficionados among us here? I would like to “find the others” so to speak.

To be clear, this isn’t to encourage buying bitcoin or the promotion of any cryptocurrency; the idea is to create a space to connect with others who are passionate about the ideas being brought up around this bitcoin space or who have questions and are curious about learning. My thesis for posing this question to you all here now is that bitcoin is one of the most fascinating things happening in economics and the Internet in a long time that I’ve seen and also, Akimbo people are smart, interesting, insightful, forward-thinking people, so I imagine there’s probably some overlap in this community.

Maybe we’ll have a zoom chat? Maybe a podcast? IDK, what would be helpful to you? Comment below or DM me. Cheers!

And thanks again, Craig!

  • Adam
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