Exploration - with Leekei Tang

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Oooh lala!
Sharing a cafe in Paris experience with my cohort @leekei & @craig.
I have traveled a bit of the road with Leekei in TPF4, TPF ProBeta and some Simon Ratcliff Branding courses; but this back story adds such richness to her podcasting journey. I so resonate with this bit: I played the game & then next year I’ll launch… but the coaches insisted on ship it!
I enjoy Leekei’s stories of self-discovery, stepping outside the fashion industry and talking with people having different points of view to have a wider frame of reference. As well as how she has intentionally structured (there’s that word again) her podcast. Brava!


Thank you for listening @diane. Thanks for reminding me of the many roads we’ve already walked together :sunglasses:


And one more thing I remember about you @leekei and your generous nature is the wonderful card you sent from Paris for my great niece when she was battling lymphoma. :heart_eyes: