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Like your logo, @Suzi
Is that a hand holding a cup of tea? Is that relevant to your specialty?
I get you are Australian and what comes to mind based on some of
your statements this afternoon is you are drawing in docs from all
over the world and your mission sounds borderless. The point I am
taking forever to express is why “Australian” why not just Anesthesia? Or
A is for Anesthesia? Okay, bad but I was just riffing.
Lastly, when they set up this art did they try it with the logo in front of you? Your face is turned toward the camera, but your body is turned away so to me they are aesthetically fighting one another-- you have turned your back on the representation of your work/your logo.
Hit delete if my unsolicited comments are annoying or offensive.
Take care, AnnieP (she/her)
PS I figured turnabout was fair play. Here is my logo for you to comment upon at your leisure. My podcast is called “Have I Got a Tale to Tell”. I shortened it for space sake. It is author on mic. I write historical romantic suspense.

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Thanks Annie,
The logo is a hand holding an ether bowl. Vapours are unique to our specialty - no other field of medicine uses them. I have a whole spiel that goes along with it that many of our team have heard numerous times. It goes along the lines of:
The ASA is here to support, represent and educate the anaesthetists of Australia (that’s our mission statement)
What do you see when you look at the logo?
Some see a supportive hand
Some see a cup of coffee. What does coffee do? It brings us together, it makes us stronger
When it was developed 40+ years ago, it was to represent a hand holding a bowl of ether and what makes our specialty unique.

I like the feedback about facing away from from the logo. We updated our logo and the podcast cover art, and this new version has never really sat well with me. Except for the “sunrise” colour fade. I like that bit. I’ll liaise with our graphic designer. We refreshed the logo and the cover art about mid year so I might leave it for a bit. Perhaps to commemorate our 75th episode or something.

In terms of your cover art, I really like it. I did have my medical hat on and thought at first the headphones were a stethoscope, but I think that was more a case of seeing you expect/want to see. I love the colour scheme - and also the fade. Apparently that’s very en vogue!


Thank you @Suzi for the education. An ether bowl, I never thought about how they administered anesthesia in the old days.

Haha that you thought of a stethoscope—I shall have to tell my cover designer. She and I dreamed this up. I am the first of her authors to do a podcast

I shall be seeing my friend who survived Covid because of the ECMO in the next month. We are working on a project together. How can she reach you if she wants more information?
All the best,
AnnieP (she/her)

@AnnieP back when I has a designer she told me that a good rule of thumb for logo design is 3 elements. Based on that, you might consider using 1 heart shape instead of 2.
BUT…I am NOT a pro so my 2 cents is probably more a penny.