Attending a live show and make an episode from it?

I am about to attend a live show-exhibition and was thinking that it might be a perfect place to record some people and make it into an episode.

  • But… I struggle with tech…how to record them? in my phone with which app? as my phone is all I will have there.

  • Would this be a good idea?

love to hear your comments



One of the Zoom “handy recorders” would do wonders. The H1 (I think it is) is very cost effective, and you just press record and point it at people. The H4N and H6 are more expensive and can do much more… but if you just want to record, then an H1 will work fine.

You can also get really good results with a modern mobile phone. Someone else was just talking about that:


@artemisgavriilidou I use this iPhone mic attachment and really love the quality. I capture with the Hindenburg Mobile software.


What did you do in the end @artemisgavriilidou ? or is it still to come?


I recall that @AnetteCarlisle does much of her work on the road. Perhaps a weigh in here?


I use a Zoom H6, but I bet an iPhone would work. I’ve sometimes had folks record to their iPhone while we are on a Zoom virtual recording (different from Zoom H6), and send me the file. It’s always better than the recording from the Zoom call. The mic mentioned above sounds good! I have a Rode mic to use, but I’m not crazy about it. Good luck!


Done, @diane! :slight_smile: Thanks for the tag!

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Of course you are @AnetteCarlisle! :innocent:

Many thanks & you’re welcome, too.

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To be honest, I did not do it!!
Everybody was so intense and stressed and I thought this is not good either for them or me!!
So, mission not accomplished!!


@artemisgavriilidou, just making sure you see my travel gear post here: Travel Gear for Podcasting