Zencastr "Creator Network"

Sharing a little experience of Zencastr here. I would normally, summarily delete these emails, but thought everyone would enjoy seeing what Zencastr is doing…

I get this email. (It really is from Zencastr, one can verify such things by digging in the email’s headers.)

I know that clicking that “survey” link will be tracked, causing them to email me even more. So I go searching for their “Creator Network.” I can’t find any mention of it, anywhere. Not even if I log into my Zencastr account.

So I click the link. It’s a TypeForm that wants my name, email, show name, rss feed url, download numbers, audience platform (apple, spotify,etc), then fun Qs like

and this one that isn’t even possible to answer, since the PodComm community show is published whenever it gets recorded. 5 in one day was the busiest so far. Sometimes, not for weeks. :slight_smile:

Then stuff they could easily get from the RSS feed they arleady asked for, podcast category, then

and eventually,

…and then—since I was just clicking “OK” without entering anything, the form finished and submitted completely blank.

A really nice first date experience. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯